A Flash-based and partially animated webcomic!
Even the sweetest of dreams can turn quickly into nightmares...
Kai and Vena, a somewhat odd pair of friends, have lived their entire lives feeling terribly out of place. After being apparently ripped from reality, they find themselves in an alternate world built on dreams...only to discover that this is in fact where they truly belong.

This story follows the lives of these two and those they come in contact with as they learn more about their new surroundings and themselves.
Come along and dream with me.

Come and see this wonderful and terrifying procession of magic and deception.

Welcome, my dear, to the masquerade.

Genre: Fantasy / Surreal
Rating: PG-13 for violence, language, adult situations

The Artist/Author:

Name: Lark Soleil Leclear (Isenberg)
Birthdate: June 14, 1995
Email: LarkSquish(at)gmail(dot)com

Hi there! I am a unicorn and so are you! Thank you~ <3

Here are other places you can find me:
NewGrounds (Flash Animation)
Youtube (AMVs)
Den Of Angels (BJDs)