05 Chapter 2 – Waking Dream *Video Version*

*This is the video version*

You may alnaso view directly on Vimeo: here

Finally up! Very sorry for the delay!

I’ve been swamped with finals, which is part of the reason I’m going to be taking a hiatus at this point before the start of chapter 3.

So, again, no updates for a couple weeks. I may post some drawings during the break.

Watch the site and the facebook page for any new info! Thank you


  • spas

    wow! totally amazing how psychedelic the video version is! i discovered you via TWC. you should do some link trades with other fantasy webcomics so people can discover this. lovely art, really nicely done.

    • http://larkleclear.com/ LarkSquish

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. :)
      And I appreciate the suggestion; I will definitely give link trading a try!

      • spas

        check out starspuncomic.com – this is the closest to yours in style and what she’s doing with the slow-motion…you do have some great fantasy webcomics on your links page but I’ve checked strays’ and dreamscar’s links pages frequently and somehow not discovered you previously. I also suggest you reach out to the creators of Whither, Ever Blue, Fey Winds, Plume, Stray Sod, Spindrift and Earthsong – a few of them will trade links with you. All of their readers should be yours as well.

        • http://larkleclear.com/ LarkSquish

          Oh! Thank you for letting me know about those. I will definitely start sending some messages out soon. :) I actually hadn’t requested link trades with Strays or Dream*Scar because I was a bit intimidated but I’ll give it a shot nonetheless.

          • spas

            yeah i don’t think you need to be intimidated but it is charming that you are so humble. i watched your video clips, akin to animation. like starspun or Turbo Defiant Kimecan, you are doing something innovative and your style is whimsical and other-worldly. you must know YOU HAVE TALENT. yes, i absolutely do think fantasy comic creators will want to share your work with their readers. when plume and spindrift came on the scene, people went nuts promoting them because it was so exciting to have such great new fantasy webcomics being produced and updated regularly – and because the art was TO DIE FOR. nerd fest – we all flip out! i think other great fantasy webcomics (164 days, Widdershins, Aurora, Snow By Night, Amya, Gaia, Lintier, Dreamland Chronicles etc) would share you too; my suggestions were based on comics i thought were similar enough that the creators would be unable to say no – but in truth, i think nobody will say no to you. keep updating (even if not on time, do it regularly) and you will have a LOT of followers. offer to trade with ALL of these people and those emails will pay off in spades. you deserve the success that you are going to have! omg you are so cute!

          • http://larkleclear.com/ LarkSquish

            Thank you! I really appreciate the compliments and encouragement! :)
            It might still be a couple weeks before I can get chapter 3 up and running but I’ll go ahead and start emailing other webcomic creators and see what happens.

  • biggynigggy

    Wow this was really amazing . I loved the work done here !
    Keep up the good work! You rock !

    • http://larkleclear.com/ LarkSquish

      Thank you so much! :)

  • Rezzy

    Kaiyori needs to have those little toesies sniffed.